This is how developers might punish your database…

…or “Twisted use cases for SQL Server”, as I also like to call it ­čÖé

It’s the title of a presentation that I’m doing at this year’s SQL Saturday in Copenhagen on the 19th of September.

The presentation is about how development teams need not despair when faced with the classical and almost ubiquitous constraint that data must be stored in SQL Server

I’ve created the following state diagram to illustrate what the presentation is about:


When they said to put data in SQl Server, did they tell you HOW to put data in SQL Server? They didn’t? Cool… let’s talk about that ­čÖé

Taking the hippie bus to GOTO Aarhus

Sk├Žrmbillede 2013-04-19 kl. 21.41.50I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be doing my “Taking The Hippie Bus To The Enterprise” talk at GOTO Aarhus this September/October, slightly revised and strengthened!

The talk will be on the “Architectures” track on Monday the 30th of September, and you can check out the abstract here.

I’m especially excited because the GOTO conference has been such an awesome injection of inspiration and programming mojo the 5 times I’ve attended, and I am sure it will be really cool again.

I must admit though, that I’m kind of awestruck by the fact that I am going to attend as a speaker this time and thus get to speak in the same room (“Store Sal”!) as Russell Miles and three ThoughtWorkers… ­čś« (whom, by the way, are Neal Ford, Sam Newman, and Ola Bini… whoa!)

I’ll be speaking at Warm Crocodile Developer Conference

In Copenhagen, on the 16th and 17th of January, there’s a new conference called Warm Crocodile – pretty cool title, if you ask me!

I begged and begged, until they caved in and gave me an hour of their otherwise extremely cool schedule – so I’ll be giving a talk that I’ve dubbed “Taking the hippie bus to the enterprise”… it will most likely be about using a free .NET service bus in combination with other cool free software to rapidly solve enterprisey problems without feeling a lot of pain.

If you’re interested, you can read the full abstract here: Taking the hippie bus to the enterprise

Slides from my Rebus talks

I have now established firmly, by giving 3 user group talks about Rebus within a relatively short period, that my throat and voice are made to STFU and code. So, I will do just that, and also make available the slides from the talks.

Actually, the slides will be the most recent deck because it’s the best and most up to date. And to the ONUG and CNUG folks, I should say this: “If you don’t recognize the third code example, it’s not (necessarily) because you were sleeping towards the end of my talk – it’s because I decided to change the third sample into something that closes the loop, and brings us back to the original problem that was the outset of the entire talk.”

The code for the (new) third sample is available on GitHub.

You can browse the slides here if you want, or you can download the PDF.

I will be speaking at Miracle Open World 2012

In April, I will be doing two presentations at Miracle’s Open World conference. It looks like a lot of cool people are going, and it’s my first time at MOW, so it goes without saying that I’m excited about it!

First, I’ll be doing a brand new intro to NServiceBus, which I have used extensively for the last two years. Even though I wish it was free for everyone to use, NServiceBus continues to be an awesome framework, so I’d like to continue spread the word about it – you can read my abstract here: Ride the Bus!.

After that, it seems I’ll be topping off day one with a brand new, condensed, platform-agnostic and pure MongoDB tour – this one will not do the usual “and this is NoSQL, and this is what characterizes a document DB”-intro, this will be full-on and to the point. You can read about it here: So you want to liberate your data?

I hope to see a lot of engaged people there ­čÖé

Frictionless Persistence in .NET with MongoDB is available on Channel 9

Microsoft were cool enough to record my talk at this year’s Goto Cph, even though the talk was on the Cloud and NoSQL track.

You can watch it here.

Afterwards, go check out all the other great presentations – it’s so cool they’ re made available!

Free geek night about MongoDB

Goto ConferenceAt Goto Copenhagen this May, I gave a talk about MongoDB, which is a nifty document-oriented database that I find pretty interesting.

So, because I like to talk about MongoDB so much, I’ll give my talk again as a free Trifork geek night on Tuesday the 21th of June at the Trifork HQ in Aarhus (this time in Danish though).

If you’re a .NET person, possibly developing big enterprisey stuff and/or you’re interested in MongoDB or NoSQL in general, you should come to this one.

I’ll be speaking about MongoDB at GotoCph

I started playing around with MongoDB about a year ago, and since then I have grown to like it so much that I am going to try to tell what I know at the first ever Goto Copenhagen.

The talk is scheduled on the “Cloud and NoSQL” track on Thursday at 14:05.

A link directly to the abstract can be found here.

(PS: This is not an April fool’s day prank… :))

Trifork Geek Night moved

Just want to say that the planned Trifork Geek Night on “Advanced Windsor-tricks” I mentioned earlier on the 23rd of November is moved to the 13th of December.

Somehow someone double-booked our presentation facilities in Taastrup – sorry, if it has caused inconvenience for you.

To sum it up: Trifork Geek Night on “Advanced Windsor-tricks” on the 13th of December at the Trifork office in Copenhagen.