I will be speaking at Miracle Open World 2012

In April, I will be doing two presentations at Miracle’s Open World conference. It looks like a lot of cool people are going, and it’s my first time at MOW, so it goes without saying that I’m excited about it!

First, I’ll be doing a brand new intro to NServiceBus, which I have used extensively for the last two years. Even though I wish it was free for everyone to use, NServiceBus continues to be an awesome framework, so I’d like to continue spread the word about it – you can read my abstract here: Ride the Bus!.

After that, it seems I’ll be topping off day one with a brand new, condensed, platform-agnostic and pure MongoDB tour – this one will not do the usual “and this is NoSQL, and this is what characterizes a document DB”-intro, this will be full-on and to the point. You can read about it here: So you want to liberate your data?

I hope to see a lot of engaged people there 🙂

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