Thoughts on metaprogramming

I’m not too much into long philosophical blog posts, but this is a great post by Raganwald about metaprogramming… Basically, he argues that tools that are powerful are also dangerous – but that should not keep you from using them. As an example he uses metaprogramming, because it is an extremely powerful feature of Ruby which can potentially be used in so many equally beneficial and/ or harmful ways.

Nifty web site with ASP.NET MVC

Sorry about the delay – I was interrupted by the new ASP.NET MVC release CTP 2 which came out last Wednesday or Thursday or something… I am currently working on updating the series to use CTP 2 instead of the first one… please be patient 🙂

Update: Sorry, but I cancelled this series again. There so many tutorials on how to get going with ASP.NET MVC out there, so I will not finish this series. You should definitely check out Kazi Manzur Rashid’s blog – e.g. his two posts on best practices are brilliant: part 1 & part 2, and he has written a lot of other interesting stuff as well.