mogens2Hi, my name is Mogens Heller Grabe.

I work at Rebus FM where I spend most of my time helping people getting a luxurious experience with Rebus.

I live in Horsens, Denmark.

Here’s my phone number: +4529367077

Here’s my email address: [email protected]

I like C# and what .NET has become in the 15+ years I have been working with it, I like open source projects in general and my own projects in particular (personal and Rebus-related), I like learning new and better ways to do stuff, learning old and better ways to do stuff, learning how not to do stuff (usually by doing it) and more.

And then I like beer (drinking and brewing), running (slowly), music (in minor), coffee (strong), my wife (beautiful and smart) and my two sons (long hair). I actually like beer so much, that I have started The Alley Beer Company. In other words, I have my own beer company – that’s pretty great, actually.

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