Taking the hippie bus to GOTO Aarhus

Skærmbillede 2013-04-19 kl. 21.41.50I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be doing my “Taking The Hippie Bus To The Enterprise” talk at GOTO Aarhus this September/October, slightly revised and strengthened!

The talk will be on the “Architectures” track on Monday the 30th of September, and you can check out the abstract here.

I’m especially excited because the GOTO conference has been such an awesome injection of inspiration and programming mojo the 5 times I’ve attended, and I am sure it will be really cool again.

I must admit though, that I’m kind of awestruck by the fact that I am going to attend as a speaker this time and thus get to speak in the same room (“Store Sal”!) as Russell Miles and three ThoughtWorkers… 😮 (whom, by the way, are Neal Ford, Sam Newman, and Ola Bini… whoa!)

Bootsnipp is awesome!

Meet me: Confortable writing handlers, models and algorithms, mindboggingly awkward in GUI land, definitely what you would call a backend kind o’ guy… but recently I (like everyone else I know, including children, old people, etc.) have been messing a little bit with the excellent Twitter Bootstrap, which is SO COOL because even I can make a dynamic, trivially deployable and updatable frontend for my stuff… and then I trip over this little gem: Bootsnipp!

Check this out (from the form builder):

Bootsnipp form builder

and then click the “Rendered” tab and BAM!1:

Bootsnipp rendered HTML

Wow, nifty!

Only thing missing is the ability to round trip a form – i.e. it would be nifty if I could somehow paste in my previous HTML and continue building the form, or otherwise somehow continue working on a form that I made previously.

And then when I want my stuff to look less like Bootstrap, I go to Bootswatch and get a free theme:

Bootstrap theme Spruce from Bootswatch

Now THAT was easy! Then I can return to my safe and comfortable hideout in the backend…