ReSharper 5 and ASP.NET MVC goodies

I have probably only scratched the surface of the goodies that JetBrains have added to the new ReSharper 5, but here’s two nifties I discovered today: F12 jumps from the redirect string to the corresponding action method in my controller (the light arrow), and F12 on a view result method gives me the ability to jump to the corresponding view (the gray arrow). That’ s just neat!


Note to future self about R# and keyboard shortcuts

Did you ever sit with Visual Studio and R# writing tests, wondering if you could run tests without touching your mouse? I did that all the time, until I found out that you could go to Tools => Options => Environment => Keyboard and filter the list by “Resharper.Resharper_Unit”, giving access to keyboard shortcuts to run the current test context, debug the current test context + more.


I have assigned Ctrl + Alt + Enter to run my current test context and Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Enter to run my current test session.


Recently I made a post because I was experiencing a moment of silent awe with R#.

R# 5 is on its way, and the feature list is impressive! I am excited about the call and value tracking features, because that’s basically all I do in one particular huge legacy system I am working on.

I am going to wait a few days, and then I will download one of the nightly builds and go check it out – I almost cannot wait!