Bootsnipp is awesome!

Meet me: Confortable writing handlers, models and algorithms, mindboggingly awkward in GUI land, definitely what you would call a backend kind o’ guy… but recently I (like everyone else I know, including children, old people, etc.) have been messing a little bit with the excellent Twitter Bootstrap, which is SO COOL because even I can make a dynamic, trivially deployable and updatable frontend for my stuff… and then I trip over this little gem: Bootsnipp!

Check this out (from the form builder):

Bootsnipp form builder

and then click the “Rendered” tab and BAM!1:

Bootsnipp rendered HTML

Wow, nifty!

Only thing missing is the ability to round trip a form – i.e. it would be nifty if I could somehow paste in my previous HTML and continue building the form, or otherwise somehow continue working on a form that I made previously.

And then when I want my stuff to look less like Bootstrap, I go to Bootswatch and get a free theme:

Bootstrap theme Spruce from Bootswatch

Now THAT was easy! Then I can return to my safe and comfortable hideout in the backend…