Slides from my Rebus talks

I have now established firmly, by giving 3 user group talks about Rebus within a relatively short period, that my throat and voice are made to STFU and code. So, I will do just that, and also make available the slides from the talks.

Actually, the slides will be the most recent deck because it’s the best and most up to date. And to the ONUG and CNUG folks, I should say this: “If you don’t recognize the third code example, it’s not (necessarily) because you were sleeping towards the end of my talk – it’s because I decided to change the third sample into something that closes the loop, and brings us back to the original problem that was the outset of the entire talk.”

The code for the (new) third sample is available on GitHub.

You can browse the slides here if you want, or you can download the PDF.

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