GOTO Aarhus 2014

Just a brief note of today’s highlights:

Mads Torgersen on the future of C#

Listening to Mads Torgersen talk about Roslyn and some of the new additions to the C# syntax was nice – I love the fact that my trusty workhorse is keeping up and is still being improved. I would love it if F#’s discriminated unions and pattern matching would find a way into C# though.

Greg Young on event sourcing

Having been drinking a fair amount of event sourcing Kool-Aid lately :), I simply had to go to Greg Young’s talk about event sourcing. It was cool when our CQRS- and event sourcing framework got a mention from the master himself.

Mads Kristensen on ASP.NET vNext

Watching Mads Kristensen show off the new ASP.NET vNext stuff is another sign that Microsoft is doing a lot to keep up with current de facto web development toolchain standards, as they have added the concept of a “Task runner” to Visual Studio – this is where Grunt/Gulp/Mimosa/Broccoli/next week’s shiny new JavaScript task runner will pop up and become tightly integrated in our Visual Studio development flow.

Other stuff

There was probably other interesting stuff going on as well, but I must admit that my head hurts a little bit from having had one beer too many yesterday evening. But that is quite natural, actually, as going to conferences is ~50%(*) about having beers and talking to inspiring people.

(*) That claim is supported by a pretty decent amount of empirical evidence, which I have personally collected.

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