My GOTO Aarhus 2014 schedule


C# is my favorite enterprisey multi-purpose multi-paradigm language, so I simply have to watch Mads Torgerson talk about the new Roslyn-based compiler, even though my interest was slightly piqued by the Xamarin.Forms talk (mostly because my prejudice is that cross-platform mobile development does not work well, but I would love to be proven wrong!).

In the next slot, Mark Seeman is doing the interesting Look, no mocks!-talk about functional TDD with F#, which I also wanted to see, but I might end up going to one of the data talks – either Cliff Click’s Fast Analytics On Big Data-talk for some serious number-awe, or Mark Madsen’s Big Data, Bad Analogies-talk because I usually enjoy talks that add a historical perspective to something that many developers consider new and shiny.

In the 3rd slot, Greg Young will be talking about Event Sourcing, apparently, but there’s no abstract on the homepage… also, I’ve been to several of Greg’s talks about event sourcing, so I might end up going to Martin Thompson’s Responding In A Timely Manner-talk, which seems to be about latency at several levels.

In the last two slots on Monday, I have no idea where I want to go – being a .NET guy, I could go to Mads Christensen’s talk about The Future Of ASP.NET Web Tooling, but lately I’ve found myself enjoying more “general” web tooling like Bower, Mimosa, Gulp, etc. more, also for regular .NET web development, so I will probably go to either the NetflixOSS talk or the Big Data Deep Dive talk… or I might end up on a couch with my laptop, because at this point my fingers usually start to get an itch that can only be scratched by coding.


In the first slot on Tuesday, I think I’ll go get an update on Swift – I’ve coded a couple of hello worlds including one with draggable cookies with Swift, and I have pretty high expectations for the language, but I haven’t really followed along the last months, so it will be interesting to get an update.

In the next slot, I think I’ll go to Matias Niemelä’s talk about Enhanced Front-end Applications In Angular.js 1.3 which will probably feed me some nuggets of information that will turn out to be valuable at work.

In the third slot, I could go to Yann Cluchey’s talk about Making Enterprise Data Available in Real Time with Elasticsearch but José Valim’s Idioms for building distributed fault-tolerant applications with Elixir-talk also looks interesting – I usually enjoy seeing what tricks they’re capable of in the Erlang-world.

In the next slot, I don’t know where to go – but in the last slot, I’m fairly sure that I’ll go watch Jan Møller talk about the BitCoin protocol at the technical level because I expect it to be about distributed systems, consensus, and interesting stuff like that (which IMO is relevant knowledge for anyone who has ever done any kind of programming that involves more than one process talking…)


On Wednesday, I’ll be back at the d60 office, because GOTO is only two days now :'(

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