What does Rebus’ timeout service do?

Rebus timeout service illustrated

Allrighty, then! So, Rebus’ timeout service will receive a TimeoutRequest, which, apparently, is a message consisting of 1) a timespan, and 2) an reply address.

And then, when that timespan has elapsed, apparently, the timeout service will send a TimeoutReply right back to the reply address. That’s not so hard. So, how can that be usable?

Check this out:

custom message illustrateg

Ahaaa, so you can put some JSON into that TimeoutRequest and have it returned to you in the TimeoutReply when the timespan has elapsed. Right! – but how do we make this feature available to you when you’re swinging the code hammer?

Check this out:

You just need a timeout service for this to work. I’ll tell you how to get up and running with a timeout service in the next post.

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