2012 retrospective and 2013 resolutions

Just like I’ve done the previous two year, I’ll spend a blog post summing up my experiences for the past year and possibly try to think about what I’d like to do the next year. Here goes…:

This is what happened to me in 2012 in random order – I:

  • Started in my new position as a software development consultant at d60 – I spent the first three months helping out in a financial company that needed to reach a hard deadline, and the next three months I went back and helped out on the PowerHub project – and then, afterwards, I began working as an architect on d60’s trading systems. Starting at d60 has been absolutely awesome, and it’s really exciting to be part of the rapid growth of what still feels like a small company.
  • Helped introduce Rebus on several projects, my own as well as other peoples’ – at the moment, Rebus moves money around, controls a couple of power plants, and hopefully makes the lives of a few software developers even more enjoyable 😉
  • Took Rebus+MongoDB to production – a match that I’ve often thought was made in heaven (even though I know that the match was made at a Hackernight, or while I was doing the dishes at home, some time in early 2012…)
  • Attended Software Passion Summit in Göteborg where I did a presentation on MongoDB.
  • Attended Miracle Open World 2012 where I presented on MongoDB and NServiceBus.
  • Gave my first presentation on Rebus at Community Day in Copenhagen.
  • Attended GOTO Aarhus where I met a lot of my awesome ex-colleagues from Trifork.
  • Gave user group talks on Rebus at ONUG, CNUG, and ANUG.
  • Did a Rebus code camp at ANUG that featured a Columbian drug lord and loads of drugs & money.
  • Was awarded as a “Microsoft C# Most Valuable Professional” on the 1st of April – I still sometimes wonder whether someone just played an April Fool’s prank on me 😉

My theme for 2012 has definitely been “Rebus” almost all the time, and I really hope to continue being able to work with Rebus – at work as well as in my spare time.

Here’s my plans for 2013 – I’d like to:

  • Do some presentations on Rebus to continue spreading the word and build even more inertia – first one is already planned: Taking The Hippie Bus To The Enterprise.
  • Go bump Rebus’ version to 1.0 (mostly some configuration options missing).
  • Gain some experience with breaking down our trading system, which is being developed by a team of more than 20 people, into a service-oriented architecture that respects the bounded contexts.
  • Get some experience operating MongoDB as it grows.
  • Build something with HTML5.
  • Hopefully get the MVP award again, although I haven’t done a single thing with this in mind – all of my activities are purely driven by me wanting to do stuff I think is fun.
  • Learn, learn, learn!

happynewyear27 As usual, I like that the theme of my new year’s resolutions is mostly about expanding my horizon, although I realize that I’m pretty stuck in .NET country. It’s still a really interesting place to be, though, with a lot of interesting things happening, and I like that .NET developers in general seem to be really open towards getting inspiration from stuff that’s happening in the other camps.

Now, as we approach the end, please enjoy this animated gif of an extremely cute and cuddly bear that wishes you and your loved ones a happy new year!

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