Upcoming user group talks about Rebus

Now that Rebus is gaining traction in a few places, and I have finally actually started using it myself, a little bit of active proselytization is in order – therefore, I am lucky that the Danish .NET user groups have accepted to let me come and talk about it, which is a great honor.

First, on August the 8th, I’ll visit Odense .NET User Group. Information about the Rebus event in Odense and registration is on Conferize.

Then on August 23rd, I’ll go visit Copenhagen .NET User Group – information about the Rebus event in Copenhagen and registration is on Eventbrite.

And finally, on August 29th, I’ll go visit the local .NET user group, Aarhus .NET User Group – information about the Rebus event in Aarhus and registration is on Facebook.

Please note that all of the presentations will be done in Danish and C#.

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