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It’s very very alpha, even more alpha than Rebus itself – but here it is: Rebus Snoop – a tool to aid developers and operations in managing their Rebus queues.

The goal of The Snoop is to provide that little extra bit of tooling that will give you a feeling of transparency and confidence when developing and operating systems based on Rebus.

At the moment, it’s extremely basic – it allows you to see which queues exist on a given machine, and it will display the contents of the selected queue.

When a message is selected, various pieces of information from the message will be shown in the panel to the right.

If the extension element from the MSMQ message can be properly deserialized into a dictionary of headers, and those headers are proper Rebus headers, they will be displayed at the top.

If the rebus-encoding header is present, The Snoop will attempt to decode the message body and show the contents in the windows to the right.

If the rebus-source-queue header is present, The Snoop will unlock the “Return to source queue” button, allowing you to retry the selected messages.

You can go to Rebus’ wiki page on the Snoop if you want to read more about The Snoop.

I’d be grateful if you would report any problems you may encounter and/or crazy feature requests to Rebus’ issue tracker.

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