2010 retrospective and 2011 resolutions

Now that ++year == 2011, and the last remaining effects of New Year’s Mojitos has finally left my brain, I think it is in order to take a look back at 2010 and evaluate a bit, and then maybe come up with some goals for 2011.

2010 retrospective

2010 has been pretty busy for me – check out this list of professional as well as personal activities:

  • My 2nd child was born in February :).
  • Wrote 34 blog posts spread pretty evenly over the year (except February).
  • Gave two talks on MongoDB in June, two talks on Castle Windsor in November and December, and two talks on NServiceBus in December.
  • Gave two 2-day introductory courses on getting up to speed with C#, .NET, dependecy injection, unit testing, and continous integration.
  • Gave one 1-day course as an introduction to C#, . NET, and WCF.
  • Gave 2 courses on NServiceBus.
  • Spent September and October on paternity leave.
  • Spent most of my other professional time as a development and architecture consultant on the core team of Dong Energy’s smart grid project, PowerHub. We’re controlling a hydro power plant right now at this very moment :).
  • Participated in two episodes of ANUGCast about MongoDB: Part 1 and part 2.
  • Learned a lot about new and emerging .NET technologies, NoSQL databases, and about architecture in general.

Looking back at all this, I think 2010 has been a little bit too busy – especially since most of the presentations and teaching happened in November and December :).

2011 resolutions

This is what I’d like to do in 2011:

  • I would like to continue doing all these great things in 2011, because that’s what makes my job alternating and fun, but ideally I would like to spread the activities some more.
  • I would like to start a pet project – i.e. build “something real”.
  • I would like to continue widening my horizon by cheching out non-.NET-stuff, like e.g. MongoDB and Node.js, which I am actually starting to like quite a bit.
  • I would like to continue contributing to OSS – either in a direct manner with code, or indirectly by blogging, tweeting, helping, creating courses, etc.
  • I would like to continue communicating with great people and be inspired.

Actually I should have hightlighted that last bullet – I guess it pretty much sums up my main goal for 2011 :).

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