Getting started with Node.js

This is the second post in a small series on Node.js. In this post, I will take a look at how to get started and run the ubiquitous “Hello world” sample.

First, create a directory somewhere and Git clone Node… I did it like this:

Then, build and install Node like this:

If you get permission errors during the last step, you might need to do a

to grant yourself ownership of everything beneath /usr/local. Note however, that this should probably only be done if the machine is your own personal machine.

Now, try typing node -v in the terminal… I got this:

Now, let’s finish this post by creating a Node app like so (using TextMate or whatever you prefer):

Punch in the following few lines:

and go the terminal again and type

which yields

Now, when I navigate to http://localhost:8124 I get this:

Node.js HTTP Hello World

Nifty, huh?

In the next post, I will see if I can get up and running with Express – a simple but powerful Sinatra-like web framework for Node.

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