Trifork Geek Nights

Just wanted to say that I will be speaking at a couple of Trifork Geek Nights in November and December, about Castle Windsor and NServiceBus respectively.


Advanced Windsor-Tricks

A quick introduction followed by some of the more advanced features of my favorite IoC container. If you’re new to IoC, or you are wondering what the fuzz is about, or you are interested in letting your container do some more work for you, you should come to this one 🙂

Will be held on

from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

And then,

Distributed systems in .NET with NServiceBus

Introduction to messaging in .NET with NServiceBus. Will give an introduction to some fundamental messaging patterns and go on to show how these can be put to use with NServiceBus.

If you’re new to IoC, you can probably benefit from showing up at the “Advanced Windsor-Tricks” geek night before going to this one, because NServiceBus is relying heavily on having a container.

Will be held on

from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm as well.

Hope to see some enthusiastic coders there.

PS: The Geek Nights will be held in Danish 🙂

3 thoughts on “Trifork Geek Nights

  1. I really recommend you guys to show up at the advanced windsor tricks. Mookid gots some good pointers to highly usable features of Windsor.

  2. Hej Thomas

    Vil de to Geeknights blive afholdt på Dansk eller Engelsk?

    Jeg spørger fordi jeg har et par udenlandske kolleger som godt kunne tænke sig at deltage, men kun hvis de er på Engelsk.


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