Castle Windsor debugger visualization

A while ago, I noticed that Krzysztof Ko?mic was tweeting regularly about adding debugger visualization to Windsor. At the time, I wasn’t really paying attention, so I didn’ t actually understand what he was doing.

Today, I was coding some stuff, and I downloaded the latest and greatest Windsor 2.5 (from August 2010), and after a while I found myself stepping through some code in a small web application I was building from scratch – and that’s when I found out what he was rambling about…. check this out:

Windsor debugger visualization

See how the container renders itself as a list of all the components it contains, followed by a list of “Potentially Misconfigured Components”…?

How cool is that? (pretty cool, that’s how cool it is!)

Not a ground-breaking earth-shaking feature on the grand scale of cool stuff, but sometimes it’s the little things…

(I’m puzzled, however, as to why the headline says “Count = 4” in the “Potentially Misconfigured Components” section when the count is clearly 2…?)

2 thoughts on “Castle Windsor debugger visualization

  1. Cool – a warning against accidental lifetime scoping 🙂 I usually write some checks that smoke test the container for various inconsistencies like singletons depending on anything but singletons, but all the debugger visualization stuff is IMO a great developer usability improvement.

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