Respect your test code

Sometimes I think it is funny to reminisce a bit about where I was and where I am now. One area where I think I have moved quite a lot, is in regards to testing! And I can’t help to think that part of this “journey” was necessary to learn what I think I have learned, but somehow I still can’t put off the thought that I might have gotten here quicker if someone had told me some basic stuff… therefore, I will try to capture in this post a few points, that I pay attention to when writing tests – in hopes that someone might benefit from a little guidance, and hoping not to be categorized as an old man rambling on about his own percieved experience.

To make it more digestible, I will list some points and show examples on why each point is good where I see fit.

  1. Hide object instantiation behind methods with meaningful names
  2. Create base classes for your test fixtures
  3. Make your tests orthogonal

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