Why I use Guids for primary keys all the time

Fabio Maulo explains and shows the difference between using Guid, Hilo and native primary keys with NHibernate and the batcher: NH2.1.0: generators behavior explained

Reallly insightful post (as always), and this one is mandatory reading if you

  1. are using NHibernate
  2. are not using NHibernate because you think you think it performs badly compared to your own hand-rolled ADO.NET data layer

I claim (without any empirical knowledge besides my own experience) that almost all db access in reality performs much better with NHibernate because of batching and futures. You CAN outperform NHibernate in synthetic benchmarks and stress tests, but for real-world usage, optimizing and doing your hand-rolled ADO.NET thing is far too cumbersome. Not using an ORM is like insisting on using assembly language instead of C# “because it’s faster”…

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