More GOTO Aarhus 2014

My personal highlights from the 2nd day of GOTO Aarhus: New linting rules by Kyle Simpson It was fun to watch this extremely opinionated guy talk about JavaScript and be “undougie” about things, especially about comparison type coercion “best practices”.

GOTO Aarhus 2014

Just a brief note of today’s highlights: Mads Torgersen on the future of C# Listening to Mads Torgersen talk about Roslyn and some of the new additions to the C# syntax was nice – I love the fact that my

My GOTO Aarhus 2014 schedule

Moday C# is my favorite enterprisey multi-purpose multi-paradigm language, so I simply have to watch Mads Torgerson talk about the new Roslyn-based compiler, even though my interest was slightly piqued by the Xamarin.Forms talk (mostly because my prejudice is that

Swift gesture recognizer that accepts a func

While doing iOS programming in Xamarin Studio, I’ve developed a pattern when working with gesture recognizers where I do something like this:

i.e. my gesture recognizers almost always work with a factory method that returns a recognizer whose callback

How to create a UILabel with margins?

I was wondering that today, but then I stumpled upon this answer on StackOverflow, which I converted into this little golden C# nugget of overridden awesomeness:

Not much, I know 😉 but I like to make a calm start